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Forbes Author Believes that BTC Could be the Next Gold

You may have heard of Clem Chambers, the popular entrepreneur from England who is an author for Forbes. Recently, Chambers has claimed that Bitcoin is slowly but surely ceding ground to gold in his recent analytical article. On top of this, he also voices his very bullish price prediction, declaring the end of the onerous crypto winter.

Chambers goes on to highlight that gold has remained the best option for a store of value for a long time. For a lot of investors, it serves as a hedge asset against equities. But what about Bitcoin?

Looking at Google Trends shows us that the interest in Bitcoin has surged massively over the last few years. Even though it is far below the 2017 level, it is still almost on the same mark as gold when it comes to popularity in the US.

There is a big difference between Bitcoin and gold though. Not just in what they are as assets but the market cap for the two is miles apart. Gold market cap is around $5 trillion whereas Bitcoin is hovering…

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2019-04-17 14:30:00

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