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Global Debt Hits $243 Trillion, Is BTCs Time Now?

Global debt is piling up and has now reached an incredible amount of more than $240 trillion and the stock market isn’t looking pretty either. With this in mind, some investors and financial experts are aiming their focus on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by speculation about the causes of the renewed interest in the cryptocurrency.

So the international debt has increased by more than 50 percent since the last financial crisis of ten years ago. According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF), even though the worldwide debt slowed down in 2018, the debt has now accumulated a mountain of debt with $243 trillion USD.

The Institute released a report last week that details how each sector has contributed to the international debt. You can read the report here.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin price has recently led to a massive rally of cryptocurrencies, while heavyweight Wall Street companies have increased their involvement in the crypto market. With this, leading financial…

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2019-04-08 13:30:00

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