Has North Korea Stolen $700 Million in Crypto?

Analysts are claiming that North Korea is housing a vast array of cryptocurrencies.

North Korea: Taking Too Much Crypto?

2018 was marred by stories of North Korean hacking groups, such as Lazarus, initiating cyberattacks on its southern neighbor to garner bitcoin and related currencies for its growing collection. Now, the digital money North Korea is said to have accumulated is worth an estimated $700 million USD.

A British think tank known as the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) released a report on Monday claiming that North Korea was responsible for crypto-based cyberattacks on several countries including the United States, South Korea, Great Britain and Japan. It is alleged to have stolen anywhere between $545 million and $735 million in assorted crypto funds.

Remember last year’s “Wanna Cry” hacks? RUSI says the hacking organization was spawned, in part, by cryptocurrency exchanges adopting hardcore legislative tactics against Pyongyang – North Korea’s capital…

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2019-04-15 19:00:30

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