HTC Exec: Facebook Coin is like the Intranet, Bitcoin is like the Internet

As the Bitcoin bear market ran its course through 2018 and early-2019, Facebook quietly entered the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. While the details of the venture were kept under lock and key at first, more and more has leaked about what pundits call “FBCoin,” a crypto asset from the social media giant that could bring this innovation to billions.

While many technologists have opened their arms to this innovation, lauding the potential for a revolution in fintech, what do pundits of true, decentralized cryptocurrencies think of FBCoin? And more importantly, does it pose a threat to Bitcoin or projects of a similar caliber?

NewsBTC was lucky enough to see these pertinent questions answered in an array of recent interviews at Token2049, Hong Kong’s premier industry conference.

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Is FBCoin Good For Bitcoin?

If you’ve been living under a proverbial rock, here’s what we know about Facebook Coin….

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2019-04-15 13:13:39

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