HTC’s Blockchain Lead: Bitcoin is to Facebook Coin, JPM Coin as The Internet is to Intranets

Token2049, a recent crypto conference in Hong Kong, saw some of the biggest names in Bitcoin and blockchain congregate. NewsBTC was lucky enough to snag Phil Chen, a world-renowned technologist and the head of HTC’s blockchain division, for a quick interview.

We discussed his team’s phone, the Exodus One, and his thoughts on recent developments in the cryptocurrency space.

What’s Up With HTC Exodus’ Blockchain-Friendly Phone?

NewsBTC: Can you tell the NewsBTC audience about what HTC Exodus is doing?

Phil: The HTC Exodus is one of the first blockchain phones. But, I think it is the only phone that empowers users to own their private keys — which I think is a foundational principle of the decentralized web. If everyone owns their private keys, then you own your Bitcoin. If you don’t, well, you don’t. The Exodus is built on that foundation, as we give users that same architecture to own their digital identity, personal data.

NewsBTC: Is there a thirty-second pitch for why people…

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2019-04-08 15:01:44

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