IDEX CEO: Facebook, JPMorgan Taking Interest in Crypto is Optimistic, But There’s a Catch

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have rapidly become a hot topic in the ongoing crypto bear market. NewsBTC took some time to sit down with Alex Wearn, the chief executive of AuroraDAO, the company by the popular IDEX exchange, to talk about this crypto subsector, mainstream Bitcoin adoption, and this innovation’s long-term prospects when pitted against the U.S. dollar.

A Tell-All With Alex Wearn About Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

NewsBTC: How has the crypto winter affected your team? Has it been hard to innovate?

Alex Wearn: Our vision at Aurora is unchanged by the movements of the crypto market. We see a future where custody is managed by a variety of parties from individuals up to institutions. And in order to trade with one another, they don’t need to give up control of the funds. They are able to control their funds throughout the entire process, from trade execution to settlement through the blockchain. We are trying to develop out our products to meet this need.

In terms of…

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2019-04-15 14:15:45

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