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IMF Seeks To Predict Future Payment Tool, Bullish on Cryptocurrency among Traditional Payments

In the chaos of the future of cryptocurrency, International Monetary fund or IMF attempts to find user’s views to predict the better payment solution in next 5 years. Accordingly, IMF began a poll including Cryptocurrency as the option among three more payment systems.

IMF took a twitter poll as an indicator to predict the feasible solution to pay for lunch in 5 years. Consequently, the organizations demand users to select their preferred option among Cash, Cryptocurrency, Mobile Phone, and Bank Card.

Source: Twitter

Although the poll is still running and will be finished within 13 hours – the poll result from 16,616 votes (at press time ) shows that cryptocurrency is moving with the highest ranking. Subsequently, crypto is ranked #1 with 54% followed by Mobile phone with 31%, Bank Card with 8%, and Cash with 7% respectively.

Source: Twitter

Nevertheless to say that despite a little doubt, payments via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is on the peak. Indeed, it is transforming the way…

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2019-04-11 09:02:42

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