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It’s Time for Oriented Crypto Conferences

The crypto conference circuit is a crowded space with large-scale events seemingly invading almost every most major city around the world. They offer similar sentiments and have a familiar feel.

Big crowds gather to hear keynote speakers that are generally enthused about new innovations and future plans. While every conference features its own agenda, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has evolved to the point of needing more than just a generalized hype session about their usability.

Instead, they need substance and specificity. In other words, it’s time for oriented crypto conferences.

Getting Specific on the Conference Circuit

Obviously, industry insiders are getting the message. We’re starting to see events popping up that cover specific, prominent topics related to digital currencies and their different use cases.

For example, this summer’s Barcelona Trading Conference (BTC) explores the future of crypto trading, one of the fastest growing industries with…

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2019-04-16 14:00:00

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