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Macau’s Gross Gaming Revenues Predicted To Hit Stratospheric Levels

According to a recent report by Morgan Stanley, Macau’s total gaming revenues and industry valuation might top $50 billion and $200 billion respectively by 2022 providing a tantalising glimpse into the future of Macau’s gaming industry.

While attention always seems to focus on Macau’s gaming revenues which represent almost 60% of the $65 billion gross gaming revenues in Asia, regional observers are now paying closer attention to other countries in the region.  Will frontier markets such as Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and of course Japan who have recently legalised casino gaming become serious competitors to Macau, only time will tell.

With a staggering 14% year on year rise, the growth of gaming powerhouse Macau shows no sign of slowing with the report going on to predict that the main drivers of these increases will be due to increased numbers of visitors their spending.  A growing number of high-rollers are looking to travel across Asia to various casinos, and…

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2019-04-09 15:30:00

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