Major Cardano (ADA) Milestone: How Shelley Improves Stability and Decentralization

Yesterday, CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson announced the completion of a significant roadmap goal. The Shelley phase relates to stability, interoperability, and governance. But more than that, the primary objective behind it is the decentralization of the Cardano network via staking.

Completion of Shelley On Cardano’s Roadmap

Under Shelley, Cardano will provide incentives to those who actively participate in the Proof of Stake consensus protocol. However, what makes Cardano different, is that Cardano acknowledges that not everyone wants to run an active node 24/7. For that reason, ADA holders have the option to delegate their stake to a staking pool.

By doing this, ADA holders will transfer their right to protocol participation over to the stake pool operator. In the process, an on-chain delegation certificate will evidence the fact. But…

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2019-04-17 13:14:32

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