Monero Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday

Semi-anonymous cryptocurrency Monero is blowing out the candles on its birthday cake as the asset reaches five years old.

Monero Is No Longer a Baby

The asset was established in 2014 on April 18, which means that in a few days, the currency will move from “infant” to “child” status. The crypto community is now celebrating with meetings, get-togethers and other events to wish the currency a happy and prosperous future.

One of the currency’s core team members – a man by the name of “Luigi” – made the official announcement:

Monero has a great and warm community. This collaboration, our friendship and the ongoing success of Monero will be celebrated this week. Please join us for the festivities and stay with us for the cause.

Monero is a privacy-focused coin, meaning it hides all financial transactions through a special encryption process. It thus classifies as a fungible cryptocurrency, and Monero amounts bear no origin or histories. It can also be exchanged for any…

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2019-04-16 21:00:14

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