Nano Coin Price Analysis: Nano SkyRockets 16% In a Day

The cryptocurrency markets continued to rise at a slow pace over the weekend with most of the major coins showing significant increases, although there were some that retreated by small margins.

The Nano Coin was introduced in 2016 under the name Railblocks . It is a peer 2 peer currency and allows cashless payments on the Internet. The new Blockchain Lattice allows real-time transactions, with no transaction fees.


According to tradingview, On April 7th, the coin was trading at $1.42, further at the end  of the day the price slightly decreased reaching $1.30. On April 8th (Today), Initially, nano coin was trading at $1.39. The coin gained momentum surging upto 16% and reached $1.68. At the time of writing, Nano coin  is currently trading at $1.64 USD with market cap value $218,429,426 USD  and ranking in 35th position.


On April 7th, there was no drastic change in the price, but on April 8th , initially the coin was trading at…

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2019-04-08 11:22:10

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