New PayPal Fee Structure Shows Why We Need Crypto and Bitcoin

PayPal has recently announced that it will be keeping all seller’s fees when processing a refund going forward. Could such a self-serving policy drive online merchants towards alternate payment networks, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency?

In addition to the seller fee adjustments, PayPal has also announced that it will be altering how it handles intentional payments. Transferring funds from one nation to another used to have a flat fee but will cost a percentage of the total amount transferred. Clearly, any crypto can beat this international transaction fee by more than an insignificant amount.

Could PayPal Angering Users Benefit Crypto?

According to a report in TechSpot, PayPal has infuriated many of its loyal users with its latest changes to its terms and conditions. Previously, the company would take a small set fee of 30c from the seller in each retail transaction occurring on the network, as well as 2.9 percent of the the value of the goods or service sold. If the buyer…

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2019-04-08 21:00:06

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