Putin’s Academy Analyst: “Bitcoin Doesn’t Need To Be Priced In Fiat”

Bitcoin has received praises from
numerous personalities over the past decade, mostly due to its decentralized
feature that takes away power from centralized authorities placing it in the
hands of the people. The latest to praise Bitcoin is Vladislav Ginko, an
analyst at the Putin Academy.

Bitcoin Is the Alpha and Omega of Valuation

Vladislav Ginko notes that Bitcoin doesn’t
need to be priced in fiat as any asset that undergoes that usually gets
corrupted. Through a tweet, he raises his
concerns: “everything being priced in
fiat gets corrupted, biased and unjust value. Bitcoin doesn’t need to be priced
in fiat. Bitcoin is alpha and omega of just valuation of any asset in the world

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The analyst further argued that BTC
is currently the most valuable asset in the world. Thus, he doesn’t see the
need for people to sell the cryptocurrency for any price just to get dead
assets such…

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2019-04-08 14:30:35

Dalmas Ngetich

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