Python_3 Coming to Bitcoin, Network Now a Super Computer?

The journey to building a
supercomputer on the Bitcoin blockchain has begun with the uploading of Python

There are several benefits of bringing
on-board Python. First, it is a high-level scripting language. Second, Python_3
is a superior version of Python 2. The upgrade introduced Python features like The_future_module, a
new way to use the print function, a new way to read and interpret input from
the keyboard, an enhanced integer division mechanism, among others.

A Computer on Bitcoin Is Here

_unwriter, a Twitter user, observed, “Python_3 has been uploaded to Bitcoin.
Building a computer on Bitcoin, step by step.”

In replying, Pepoliopo, another
Twitter user, noted:

“Bitcoin is now a computer and it gets loaded with all kinds of programming languages –…

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2019-04-15 15:59:45

Dalmas Ngetich

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