Ripple Is Unstoppable, Many Top International Firms Going For Blockchain Technology

The world’s largest and most powerful institutions are now embracing the blockchain technology after they realized that it’s just lines of code that will make easy accounting and record keeping.

In the early years, Ripple has been ignored a lot. Now the world is looking at blockchain technology. Many of them have come forward to establish blockchain technology. However, XRP has grown so much that many institutions are running Ripple software.

Institutes like PNC bank is using Ripple’s blockchain software to process international payments. Banco Santander, Spanish financial institution is already collecting revenue from One Pay FX, a blockchain-based foreign exchange service which is also built on Ripple technology.

Banks like Royal Bank of Canada and Bank of America are also looking forward to blockchain technology. Citibank along with Barclays to launch a blockchain app store. Also, Big banks like ING and BNP Paribas partnered to create a blockchain trade…

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2019-04-17 09:40:38

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