Risk Appetite to Drive Bitcoin (BTC) As Price Struggle in a $500 Range

  • Bitcoin (BTC) back to read, will sellers flow and force liquidation?
  • Analysts are upbeat, expect Bitcoin (BTC) to close higher by end year

Thomas Lee of Fundstrat is quite conservative with his projection, placing $10,000 at the end of the year. As more analysts are upbeat, a contrarian move may see Bitcoin (BTC) bears flow, driving prices to $4,800 or lower in a retest.

Bitcoin Price Analysis


It doesn’t take much to conclude that there is a revival in Bitcoin and crypto. After a frigid and an extended Bitcoin winter that squashed enthusiasm shaving value off crypto assets, Bitcoin and digital asset aficionados have multiple reasons to be jubilant.

Well, it is not only because of prospects and talks of parabolic rises and what nots, but it’s more about the shifting view in Wall Street and traditional companies. Although last year’s drop did drain $500 billion off the crypto market, investors are ready to take chances with Bitcoin.

That means investment in an…

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2019-04-16 17:00:00

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