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Stealth [XST] Rises 3750% – Is it Fundamental, Technical or Just A Freak Trade?

Cryptocurrency markets are known for their volatility and seeing huge spurts in coin prices Just couple of 100% is not really a big deal, but coins that rise over 1000% in a fraction of time is something that can be ignored. Today happened to be one such day when Stealth Coin (XST) rose over 3600%.

Was this Stealth (XST) rise Fundamental, Technical or just one freak trade?

Its been well noticed that crypto markets are pretty nascent and have been often caught not following any technical or fundamentals. Hence it sometimes becomes difficult to understand what actually caused the price rise in one particular coin. Same seems to be the case with Stealth (XST).


Fundamentally, the coin released a development blog on 12 April, which spoke about distributed clock used by Stealth coin’s qPoS. While this updated block was a basic roadmap update there was no such evidence as to why this coin saw a spurt.

This update although gave an insight on Stealth qPoS block…

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2019-04-17 20:28:12

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