Study: Individual Crypto Assets Are Becoming Less Correlated With Entire Market

According to a study conducted by cryptocurrency market researchers at, individual digital currencies are less correlated with the wider market so far in 2019 than they were in 2018. This, according to the study’s authors, is good news for those investing in a wide selection of crypto assets.

If it continues, the trend observed should be music to the ears of the likes of Vinny Lingham too, who has called for a decoupling of Bitcoin from the rest of the market before any serious bull run can start up again.

Correlation Between Crypto Assets and Wider Market Falling

One of the interesting phenomenons of recent years in the crypto space is the correlation between digital assets. When one coin moves up, the rest almost universally follow. Obviously, there are some exceptions to this. Low market capitalisation coins can be subject to pump and dump schemes and news events, such as partnership announcements or security breaches, can make a specific crypto rise or fall out of…

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2019-04-12 21:00:48

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