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The Future Of TRON’s Ecosystem

TRON and Ethereum are two of some of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency space and the professional rivalry between the two projects is talked about a lot in the industry.

That rivalry specifically comes from the founders of the two projects, Justin Sun (TRON) and Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum). Depending on who you support, Sun seems to be winning this battle and with the official launch of USDT-TRON, the question lingers as to whether TRON could be propelled strides ahead of Ethereum.

According to Sun, TRON’s main focus is to surpass Ethereum in dApps and smart contracts. So far though, Sun has put numerous things in place which includes acquiring BitTorrent, launch several projects and partnering with several big names in the industry. In a recent tweet, Sun announced that TRON owns more than 265,000 dApp users at that time with 16236 active dApp users. Next on the list is EOS with just under 200,000 and then Ethereum with just over 150,000 users within the period….

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2019-04-15 16:00:00

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