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The IMF and World Bank are Experimenting with Blockchain. Should We Be Worried?

Public reaction to the news that the International Monetary Fund and World Bank are experimenting with blockchain technology and cryptoassets has been varied across the board. On Friday, the Financial Times reported the multinational agencies launched a permissioned blockchain and internal cryptoasset called “Learning Coin” to better understand distributed ledgers and associated use cases.  One commentator described the development as an “odd foray,” no doubt a reflection of the controversial legacies these multinational behemoths and bailout bulwarks have left for decades.

The IMF and World Bank are in fact gamifying their deep dive into blockchain and cryptoassets, intent on rewarding staff members for achieving blockchain-related educational milestones with Learning Coin. So far, there has been no indication if overachieving recipients of Learning Coin can empty their digital wallets in exchange for the USD 15.00 “Blue and Silver Circle Cufflinks” sold by the IMF or the USD…

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2019-04-15 21:30:00

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