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The Phenomenal Growth of Ripple Won’t be Easy to Stop

When Ripple started, the project has continued to put together a string of serious partnerships with financial institutions over the past few years. When they started, Ripple was overlooked because of its relation with the traditional financial system which drove a lot of enthusiasts away from it because of the centralisation factor.

This year though, Ripple is one of those cryptocurrencies that you can’t really ignore. Now that it is making more and more partnerships such as the World Bank and EU Commission, Ripple is one of the biggest names in the industry.

Starting so many partnerships with some of the world’s biggest financial names is a big sign of significant growth which can’t be ignored. The work that Ripple is undergoing at the moment will be very important in setting the groundwork which will allow the other cryptocurrency projects to boom over the next few years. So whether you love or hate Ripple, it is important to keep up to date with their latest collaborations,…

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2019-04-17 12:00:00

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