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USDT-Tron Stablecoin Launched on the Tron Network by Tether

Tether has started issuing USD-pegged stablecoin based on the TRC-20 protocol. The new FIAT backed crypto on the Tron Network would enable zero fee transactions nearly in real time. USDT-Tron cryptocurrency that is issued by Tether and follows the TRC-20 protocol on the Tron Network.

Tether Operations Limited is a firm that converts FIAT currency into digital currency. Hence, each digital token is backed 100% by the reserves.

The stablecoin will act as a hedge securing the blockchain token holders against volatility in the price of Tron. Tether has introduced this stablecoin as an upgrade to the USD-Tether on the OMNI platform. The USDT from the OMNI platform can be upgraded to TRC-20 token by directly contacting Tether or doing it on Exchanges.

USDT-Tron will be ubiquitously present across the Tron Network; it will even enable transactions on the Decentralized Applications (Dapps) running on Tron as well. Hence, ideally, it brings a FIAT based DApps platform to life. The users can…

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2019-04-17 09:10:42

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