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Vitalik and Hoskinson Support #DelistBSV, But Concerned About Centralization of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Crypto-Twitter felt a sense of triumph when Binance and other Exchanges like Kraken and Shapeshift decided to De-list Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). Moreover, this the first time that a split between ideas resulted in delisting rather than opting for another ‘Fork.’

John McAfee tweeted on the issue:

“If BSV was his true vision then either Satoshi is the worst communicator in the world, or Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre and BSV are frauds.”

However, what feels like a unanimous decision was actually influenced by one Exchange’s immediate decision. The price of the delisted token fell by 21% in instantly in hours. Hence, there were many users on the BSV chain who suffered losses which also might have been oblivious of the claims on Satoshi’s identity; not many people outside the crypto-community knows lead proponents of cryptocurrencies.

Centralization of Exchanges an Alarming Issue

Furthermore, BSV proponents have claimed that delisting was a violation of the right of free speech for Craig…

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2019-04-17 15:06:43

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