What Makes Bitcoin So Tantalizing To Own And Use? Industry Execs Weigh In

Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the Bitcoin (BTC) project, always expressed an inkling of mistrust and cynicism towards centralized institutions, including Wall Street and the incumbent government. This theme was only accentuated when the first ever crypto diehard embedded a Financial Times headline, which outlined a facet of 2008’s Great Recession, into the coinbase of his/her brainchild’s first-ever block.

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But over the years, the underlying value proposition of Bitcoin has been misconstrued, especially as ‘get rich quick’ schemes have become a sector mainstay. In fact, many argue that now, BTC’s primary use case isn’t as a media of exchange, but as a speculation instrument, giving its ‘investors’ a chance at asymmetric

According to an array of industry executives, however, Bitcoin and its brethren are of much more significance than…

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2019-04-17 11:00:47

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