What’s so Special about New Derivative Non-Standardized Option in AOFEX?

AOFEX is convening their digital asset exchange and trading platform launching on 25th April, and there will be a brand new derivative called Non-Standardized Option.

According to known information, NSO is a financial tool that helps investors hedging dramatics change in crypto market, which is completely different from the other derivatives in existing exchange platforms.

One of the most common tools is spot trading, trading with market price. Yield is received when the selling price is higher than the purchasing price, and vice versa. The drawbacks of spot trading, however, is with high systematic risks because strong liquidation of asset is required, and the generating model is unidirectional, not to mention the tremendous change on price of digital currency.

Leverage trading is popular among exchanges nowadays. Most investors are attracted by the possibility of earning high margin with small amount of investment. Normally investors take long or short positions to generate the…

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2019-04-09 17:13:57

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