Will Ripple (XRP) Drop to 34 Cents? xRapid and Building Determiners

  • Ripple (XRP) up 14 cents in the last week
  • Building and strategic partnership will drive adoption helping support Ripple (XRP) prices

Chris Larsen is part of the IMF Advisory Board, remains the co-founder of Ripple and recently donated $25 million in XRP at the San Francisco State University. Whether that will elevate Ripple Inc profile, we are not yet visible but what is clear is that Ripple (XRP) buyers are back.

Ripple Price Analysis


Not surprising, Ripple is actively building and on the other, they are striking partnerships, and financial institutions can leverage on their network for cost cuttings and efficiency. And this is understandable. As a network that seeks to dislodge the incumbent in SWIFT, it must go the extra mile, and that means being aggressive in their negotiation, on-boarding new members and be regulatory compliant.

They have been successful in the first two, and now that some of Ripple’s key members as Chris Larsen are working with global…

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2019-04-08 19:00:48

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