Will Telegram Make Crypto Go Mainstream? Monfex’s Analyst Predicts It Might Be the Next Big Thing in Crypto

Telegram is a hugely popular messaging app with over 200 million monthly users, available across a large range of platforms and countries.

Telegram’s messaging service has held huge appeal for those looking at alternatives to chat applications owned by social media giants, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp; amid mounting concerns over user privacy.

With a large portion of Telegram’s user base already familiar with digital currency, Telegram is looking to expand its footprint by offering a range of decentralized services on its blockchain platform – the Telegram Open Network.

Crypto analyst Alex Sofpel certainly seems to think so. Sofpel works for crypto trading platform Monfex, and he predicts that the GRAM token could generate $4 billion in revenue for Telegram by 2022.

Sofpel’s analysis is based around two core assumptions. Firstly, that Telegram will achieve 1 billion monthly active users by 2022, which was part of Telegram’s pitch to investors at the private sale…

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2019-04-10 14:28:18

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