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xRapid Honoured at World Changing Ideas Awards

Ripple keep on solidifying their position as one of the biggest companies in the crypto space which continues to benefit the ecosystem. The startup behind the development of XRP has slowly succeeded in getting the community interested not only in the technology behind the token but also in other solutions offered by the company.

This successful campaign allowed Ripple to make a big name for itself in being a technology that can be used on a global scale. The SanFrancisco-based company was honoured to be considered as the architect of one of the ideas that could change the world.

Fast Company has been organising the World Changing Ideas Awards for three years now as a way of paying tribute to those initiatives that because of their impact, innovation or way of implementation have the possibility of causing a positive impact on the rest of the globe.

According to information provided by Fast Company, more than 2000 participants submitted their projects to be looked at and…

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2019-04-10 11:00:00

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