Youtube’s Most Important Channel (90+ Million Subs) Goes to Blockchain-based Livestream Platform

Youtube Superstar Pewdiepie announced that he chose DLive as his platform to share live streams and similar content with his followers.

Pewdiepie is the most important youtube channel in the world. According to data provided by socialblade this YouTuber has more than 93 million subscribers, of which almost 5 million joined the channel in the last 30 days.

courtesy: socialblade

The channel is world famous for making videos related to games, memes, reactions and jokes; however, the recent censorship byYouTube and the accusations of issuing racist and offensive comments have significantly damaged his relationship with the platform.

The influence of the famous youtuber has been so significant that campaigns have been organized to have YouTube close this channel, but in the same way, sympathizers launched a worldwide campaign (subscribe to pewdiepie) to keep the channel from losing its leading position in face of the growing popularity of the Indian entertainment platform…

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2019-04-13 00:05:12

Jose Antonio Lanz

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