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Bitcoin [BTC] Price Cycles Replicated Until Now, $50000 Target Predicted by Peter Brandt

The majority of crypto traders have also confirmed bottom on Bitcoin according to their independent analysis. The bears which started placing short orders at $4000 have been eagerly waiting for a correction. However, Bitcoin’s rise of about 50% from then has had many shorts liquidated or closed at a loss.

Bitcoin, currently, is very less affected by bad news and extremely positively affected by a good piece of news. The Fidelity announcements had a greater effect on the price than a $40 million hacking incident.

Hence, as crypto-trader Jake Canfield noted in the most recent episode of Crypto-Trader with Ran Neuner,

“The traders are buying the dip. A lot of traders were trying to short the market and keep getting liquidated which added Fuel to fire the price of Bitcoin to new yearly highs.”

On whether or not the altcoin season will begin, Canfield noted that it will begin when Bitcoin begins to stabilize and then capital will start moving into to altcoins.

“The multipliers (on…

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2019-05-11 00:01:10

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