93% of Brits Have Heard of Bitcoin, but Only 4% Have Bought It, Survey Shows

UK market research company YouGov’s survey on Bitcoin shows that 93 percent of Brits know about the currency, but are not likely to purchase it.

The vast majority of British people – 93 percent – have heard of Bitcoin (BTC), but only 4 percent claim to have bought it, according to a recent poll by UK market research company YouGov published Nov. 7.

According to the survey, conducted this month, nine out of ten Brits have heard of Bitcoin, however, they report not understanding it. Only 4 percent of those surveyed claimed they understand Bitcoin “very well,” while 23 percent state they know it “fairly well,” with men almost three times as likely as women to say so (33 percent against 12 percent). Younger Brits prevail among those who claimed to understand Bitcoin, the report states.

In terms of actual investments in Bitcoin, younger citizens are also in first place. One in eleven (9 percent) of…

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2018-11-09 18:33:00

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