Almost 1 of Every 3 Freelancers Would Accept Cryptocurrencies as Payment

The use and adoption of cryptocurrencies have boosted the economic activity of many entrepreneurs, connecting people throughout the world without the obstacles that exist due to the traditional fiat system. One of the segments that has benefited most from cryptocurrencies is that of freelance workers, for whom now it is much easier to offer their services to customers around the world obtaining immediate, transparent and safe remuneration.

According to a study published by, about 29% of more than 1100 freelancers registered on the platform would accept crypto as financial compensation for their services.

It is important to note that the majority of users are residents of the United States, so the data reflect an important reality of the American population. Likewise, 825 people (75% of those surveyed) said they had heard about crypto and were familiar with the subject.

Cryptocurrencies Help Freelancers

The poll shows that the majority of interested individuals…

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2018-12-09 00:54:10

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