Asian Markets Have a Growing “Appetite” for Ripple, Dan Morgan Says

Ripple Inc continues to focus on expanding its services and penetrating new markets. Having conquered many customers throughout America and Europe, Asia seems to be the company’s last strategic point of interest.

Asia is a complex market for many companies, even more so if they provide services such as Ripple’s that are still viewed with some skepticism by regulators. China, for example, has manifested an anti-crypto policy in spite of being one of the leading OTC Bitcoin trading markets.

Previously, Crypto Crimson reported that after a series of negotiations, Ripple achieved its milestone of establishing itself in China, and did so in a big way: Thanks to a partnership with LianLian Group and American Express, this company will allow the processing of credit card payments in a proprietary network contrary to the traditional system which used government-run network.

On Friday (30 November 2018), at the CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain Summit, Dan Moran, Ripple’s Head of…

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2018-12-02 06:40:25

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