Bitcoin [BTC] should be dumped; it is time to see the light, says Nouriel Roubini after Satoshi’s profile update

1 as Dr. Doom by the crypto enthusiasts for his consistently bearish stance on cryptocurrencies.

The comment by Roubini comes after an update on Satoshi Nakamoto’s previously associated account. The same account was reportedly hacked in 2014.

Satoshi was last known to have used his account in 2010, and the current post of one word, “Nour”, has left people searching for more answers. Along with this one word, the account also added a random person.

However, people have gone all out predicting the meaning behind this post by the creator of Bitcoin. While people are suggesting Urdu and Hebrew meaning of the word, David Gerard, an author, connected the word ‘Nour’ to Nouriel Roubini and said:

“Satoshi Nakamoto is warning us that Bitcoin was a mistake and @Nouriel is correct in all his concerns”.

To thsi comment, Jack Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin, replied saying:

“That profile has been hijacked for many years by way of the email hack.”

Roubini took this opportunity to once again…

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2018-12-02 04:30:30

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