Bitcoin [BTC]’s Satoshi Nakamoto supposedly back from the dead

Satoshi Nakamoto’s profile on P2P Foundation came back to life on November 29, 2018, at 12:30 UTC all of a sudden after years of inactivity and posted just one word, “nour” and nothing else.

The word “nour” can be interpreted in different ways, one is the Arabic translation into “noor” which means “the light” and the other, as represented by Urban Dictionary, “The most loving, affectionate and caring person you’ll ever meet. Extremely smart, funny and sensitive. ”

Be that as it may, everybody in the community is questioning as to “why now?” and speculating the reason behind it. Moreover, Satoshi’s emails that were associated with his P2P profile were compromised as the domain behind it went offline.

There is highly unlikely chance that it could be the actual Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, coming back to his compromised account. Moreover, the email linked in the P2P website was inactive.

Furthermore, before posting the controversial word, Satoshi Nakamoto connected with…

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2018-11-30 20:30:05

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