Bitcoin is on the Verge of Falling Apart, Says Paul Donovan

Paul Donovan recent bearish remarks for Bitcoin is an attempt to bury the top-ranking cryptocurrency for good.

UBS Executive Sounds the Death Knell for Bitcoin

According to CNBC, Paul Donovan, Chief Economist of UBS Global Wealth Management, stated that he didn’t have any praises for Bitcoin, instead, was ready to bury the number one virtual currency. The UBS executive also declared that it was time to discard digital currencies, as they were “nearing the end of the road.”

The Chief Economist believes that the top cryptocurrency is on the verge of falling apart completely, considering its latest price performance. Donovan added that one of Bitcoin’s primary obstacle was the government, stating that the idea of BTC replacing fiat was quite ambitious.

Contrary to the above statement, this is not the first time BTC is experiencing a price crash. It always bounces back to a new high.

Donovan further said:

Right from the start of the hike in late last year, it was fairly obvious…

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2018-12-01 07:08:17

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