Bitcoin SV climbs as lawsuit against Roger Ver is announced

UnitedCorp has announced that it will be filing a lawsuit against Bitmain,, Roger Ver, and cryptocurrency trade exchange Kraken.

According to the official press release, the company is accusing the defendants of orchestrating a scheme “to take control of the Bitcoin Cash network for personal gain and which caused a global capitalization meltdown of the Bitcoin Cash network at the expense of others.

UnitedCorp has filed the lawsuit out of the claim that the entities involved have been using “unfair methods of competition and through a series of unconscionable, deceptive and unfair practices” in order to manipulate the decentralized network for personal gain. The firm further accuses the defendants of hijacking the network at the time of the scheduled fork update midway through November in order to centralize the network in their favor:

“UnitedCorp alleges that the defendants took control of the Bitcoin Cash network immediately after the November 15th software upgrade…

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2018-12-07 10:51:44

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