BitMEX CEO’s Call For Double-Digit Ethereum Comes True: ETH At $90

Arthur Hayes: Ethereum (ETH), A “Double Digit S*hitcoin”

In late-August of this year, Arthur Hayes, the chief executive at BitMEX, the world’s foremost crypto mercantile exchange, took to his firm’s in-house blog to tout some controversial sentiment. In an extensive post, the former institutional trader began his Ethereum (ETH) bash by telling a personal story, hyperbolized to convey a point.

The BitMEX CEO discussed a s*hitcoin named Pepe Cash, an evident combination of a popular internet meme and Bitcoin Cash, and somehow, someway, related it back to Ethereum, which Hayes evidently holds a grudge against. Hayes, imbuing the op-ed with his normal swagger — unfiltered statements, crazy calls, and all — even noted that ETH could “go from a 3-digit to a 2-digit s*hitcoin.”

Backing his statement, which was inflammatory to put it lightly, Hayes drew attention to ICO-funded projects, many of which based their operations around Ethereum, venture capitalists…

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2018-12-07 01:45:59

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