Blockchain Startup ‘Bluzelle’ Set to Challenge Cloud Storage Platform Heavyweight

Bluzelle, a blockchain-based startup wants to utilize the technology in the cloud storage space. Company CEO, Pavel Bains, says blockchain can introduce several enhancements to the current landscape of the database ecosystem.

Enhancing Database Ecosystem via Blockchain Technology

Speaking to the CNBC at the East Tech West Conference in Guangzhou, China, Bains declared that Bluzelle could become like the Airbnb of the cloud storage industry. According to Bains, blockchain technology holds the key to solving many of the pain points plaguing the industry.

Bluzelle enables users to rent out unused data storage capacity of their devices like computers, smartphones, video game consoles, etc. The project creates a decentralized network of such devices with free space up for rent.

For Bains, the company can offer a unique user experience different from what is obtainable on platforms like Amazon and Microsoft. Commenting on the project’s potential, the Bluzelle CEO said:

So, you got…

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2018-12-01 11:00:33

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