Brazil’s XDEX wont Support Crypto Transfers to Personal Wallets

BitcoinWhile the citizens of Brazil were rejoicing that finally, they will have an exchange that was local to them to trade on cryptocurrencies, XDEX has made an announcement that would bring down their happiness by a bit. As per the latest announcement, the crypto exchange wouldn’t allow users to send or receive BTC to their personal wallets and will only allow redemption in reais

XP Investimentos’ Crypto Exchange begins pre-registrations with warnings

The website of XDEX, the cryptocurrency exchange launched by Brazil’s biggest investment firm, XP Investimentos, is already up and accepting pre-registrations. It adds a few details on the crypto exchange, including that users won’t be able to send BTC to and from their personal wallets. According to the company, it has a built-in transfer recognition system connected to its banks, which “ensures speed and reliability when transferring real money to buy cryptocurrencies.” While it isn’t yet clear when the exchange will open for…

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2018-10-11 12:51:27

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