Brian Armstrong Highlights Cryptocurrency Uses In VR Sector

While talking about virtual technology and world, it is not a matter of one country or five. The people all around the world approaching from various sectors joins at one point- virtual space. Furthermore, digital currencies have a chance to pose a role within this digital world and can grow with the ongoing developments. The cryptocurrency will generate an incentive for people earning “real money” and following a virtuous cycle for firms designing these worlds.

Have You Been To Virtual World?

Brian Armstrong specifies virtual space as Second Life, where people spend a great time exploring the future. VR is not exactly the same; however, it will surely accelerate the demands of virtual worlds simultaneously.

He mentions that the Second Life economy is around $800M USD with an equivalent annual. He also believes that people can even buy any sorts of things they wish in virtual worlds. For example, real estate, vehicles, special abilities like teleportation, events or tickets of…

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2018-12-07 10:37:21

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