Cardano Price Analysis: ADA/USD Price Resurgence Largely Depends on CoinBase Listing

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We cannot reiterate the importance of an active community in blockchain projects. As long as a project is open source and its progress depends on participation, then it’s no doubt that Cardano is making huge strides. Cardano is a smart contracting and coin issuing platform, is pretty much centralized. However, work is in progress to bolster wallets and its settlement layer via Byron while latter phases will work towards complete decentralization.

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Thanks to quality, the level of transparency and regular updates that the community receives, the community expects the latest update Cardano 1.4 for roll out later this month or early Dec. According to the latest AMA session by Charles, the update is under regression testing. Here, it’s all about functional consistency and already the team has picked out some regressions meaning bugs have been found but they are not of “big concern”…

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2018-11-30 15:30:28

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