China’s Tencent Warns of Bug in NEO’s Blockchain That Allows Hackers to Steal Tokens Remotely

Tencent’s Security Joint Lab has notified users of the Neo (NEO) blockchain of a potential bug that allows hackers to remotely steal tokens native to the blockchain. The vulnerability affects the popular Gas (GAS) tokens. The team notified the crypto and blockchain community via the popular micro-blogging website of Weibo.

The notification has been translated by Google and reads as follows:

 Blockchain re-explosive money crisis! @腾讯湛泸Lab Monitoring the famous blockchain project NEO (corresponding to the digital currency “small ant coin”) has the risk of remote piracy.

When a user starts the NEO network node with the default configuration and opens the wallet, the digital currency may be remotely stolen.

Tencent Security Zhanyi Lab has submitted a risk warning to the NEO development community, and reminded NEO node maintainers and “small ant coin” holders to pay attention to wallet security, update the client version in time, and pay attention to abnormal transfer…

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2018-12-02 08:15:50

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