Completion of Phase Four of the Tronics Support Plan

Since the TRON Foundation released the Tronics Support Plan, we have received kind support from Tronics around the world. Now the Foundation will give back to our supporters the ownerships of the 40,084,942.291066 TRX in the 13th address: TJCT4patUUunwqJkBusWzG6xdfWCcaQ9YN, 30,849,150.245777 TRX in the 14th address TXStuWCx1rX7Kw61CGjQaGyz9DjQEoLHNA, 26,800,712.361681 TRX in the 15th address TPu2anzdQwyX6karyramGnQBoMwdpJSvXH. These three addressed with the TRX will be removed from the list of addresses locked by the Foundation.

Before releasing the TRX frozen by the TRON Foundation on January 1, 2020, the supporting funds from the supporters will match the funds frozen by the Foundation. During this period, this part of TRX is owned by community supporters, yet managed by the Foundation. In other words, the total amount of the TRX frozen will not change.

The TRON Foundation would…

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2018-12-08 07:13:45

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