Crypto Community Responds to Fake Satoshi’s “F**k You” Email to Roger Ver

Two of Bitcoin Cash’s most high-profile supporters have fallen out over the pending BCH hard fork. Craig “Fake Satoshi” Wright sent an abusive email to Roger Ver earlier this week. Yesterday, Ver responded.

Ver Supports Bitcoin ABC, But Thinks the Whole Fork Dispute Could Resolve Itself

In a video posted to the YouTube channel, one of cryptocurrency’s earliest proponents and investors, Roger Ver, has responded to an email sent from self-proclaimed Satoshi, Craig Wright.

The two early Bitcoin pioneers have each sided with one of the opposing camps in the November 15 hard fork (Ver is with ABC and Wright backs Bitcoin SV). Evidently, from the wording of the email, Wright strongly disapproves of Ver’s allegiance.

Ver opened the video by screen-sharing and reciting Wright’s correspondence:

“If you want a war…

I will do 2 years of no trade. Nothing.


In the war, no coin can trade.

If you want ABC, you want shitcoins, welcome to bankruptcy.


It was nice knowing you.


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2018-11-09 23:00:40

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