‘Crypto Crisis’ Mining Simulator Lets Players Relive the Last 10 Years of Bitcoin

In October, an early access game called Crypto Crisis was released on the digital distribution platform Steam. The recently launched title rewinds time to the year 2009 and lets players mine coins on a simulation of the Bitcoin network by utilizing historical data from the last decade.

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Simulated Bitcoin Mining Operations  

'Crypto Crisis' Mining Simulator Lets Players Relive the Last 10 Years of BitcoinThe new simulator game, designed by Armoured Beans, allows players to relive a “closely simulated” version of the Bitcoin network. Essentially Crypto Crisis players spawn back in 2009 and start a mining operation while improving mining equipment and selling bitcoins throughout the duration of the game. Crypto Crisis was released as an early access game, which means it’s currently incomplete, but players can still try the game as it develops. On Nov. 16 and 28 Armoured Beans published two major updates which improved the game’s maps system and added new models…

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2018-12-08 01:30:46

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