Deep Web Roundup: Market Vendors Monitored, Darknet Benefits Revealed

Deep Web Roundup: Monitoring Market Vendors, Darknet Benefits Revealed

The internet layer that’s accessible via the Tor browser was instrumental in the growth of Bitcoin in its early years. Since then, darknet marketplaces have proliferated, but have come to play a lesser role in the development of cryptocurrencies. In this roundup we consider two recent research papers that provide an insight into features, benefits, and hazards of the deep web.

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Monitoring Vendor Migration to Dream Market

In the wake of Operation Bayonet, a law enforcement exercise that shut down the Hansa and Alphabay markets, many vendors flocked to Dream instead. Dream is the longest standing darknet market (DNM), and saw an influx of new vendors and buyers in the wake of 2017’s Operation Bayonet. A recent research paper has tracked the movement of sellers to Dream, and monitored subsequent changes in their behavior.

Deep Web Roundup: Market Vendors Monitored, Darknet Benefits Revealed
The origin of new Dream Market vendors

The researchers from the Delft University of…

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2018-11-10 13:15:51

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