Discussions Intensify as BCH Fork Approaches

Discussions Intensify as BCH Fork Approaches

As the Bitcoin Cash fork draws near, a lot has been announced over the last few days concerning the consensus changes scheduled for Nov. 15. Earlier this week, the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) development team released a new client version that includes the ability to configure the Bitcoin SV hard fork ruleset. In addition to the latest BU release, Electron Cash developers have also launched the first splitting tool for the upcoming fork.

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BU Cash Contains Both Bitcoin ABC and SV Rulesets Available for Configuration

Discussions Intensify as BCH Fork ApproachesThe Bitcoin Cash community has been discussing the upcoming hard fork a great deal over the past few days. There’s been a whole lot to follow as developers and business executives have been stating their opinions, while BCH infrastructure providers continue to reveal their contingency plans. News.Bitcoin.com previously reported on the BU development team publishing code, which added the Bitcoin ABC…

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2018-11-07 14:55:58

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