Facebook Fraudsters Use the Promise of Crypto to Scam Victims out of Their Fiat

Facebook is the latest social media network chosen as a crypto scamming conduit. However, unlike Twitter scams asking for crypto, this one wants your fiat.

Social media is a great space for sharing information and even building your business brand. However, it also appears to hold increasing allure for cryptocurrency fraudsters. Live Bitcoin News has previously reported that these scammers were turning to Twitter and hijacking the accounts of well-known brands and individuals to get people to part with their crypto.

Fraudsters Give Facebook a Thumbs Up

Now, according to The Next Web, it seems as if Facebook is getting its turn in the scamming spotlight. The networking giant previously banned crypto-related ads and then changed this to only allow vetted advertisers to use its platform. However, some wily fraudsters have managed to sneak through processes and place a fake sponsored ad on Facebook.

The initial clickbait promised, unsurprisingly, a lucrative business opportunity…

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2018-12-02 03:00:48

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